Interested Linkedin Services
New "Done For You Service"...
"LinkedIn Marketing Secret Weapon!"
Learn about my best kept secret to automate your leads in LinkedIn....
The Simple Secret To Success With LinkedIn is Consistent Activity...
The Challenge Is To Keep Your Activity Levels Going!
What if there was a service that essentially automated your LinkedIn profile?  

This is exactly what we will do.  We estimate the work we do on a daily basis would be equal to about 4-5 hours manual time on LinkedIn.

STEP #1:
View Around 600 Target Market Profiles a day and they will view your profile and connect to you if they see a "fit"
STEP #2:
Once connected we send them a nicely crafted welcome message to encourage engagement and suggest further contact.
STEP #3:
Attracting interest by being very active in LinkedIn. We will post updates, like posts, view members of your groups, send followup messages.
Starting from as little as $147 per month
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